Jun 19, 2018

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How to sell your home fast – Secrets Revealed

As you prepare to sell your home, get an idea of your home value and start interviewing real estate agents to list with, you will find that agents will introduce you to a priceless document in real estate transactions: the comparative market analysis, or CMA. A CMA is a document that shows you in black and white where your home stands compared to it’s competition. It covers facts that can be qualified and quantified, such as your home value, the home value of houses in your area with similar features, how many homes sold in your area, etc. The CMA is designed to give an overview of all the information you need on your home and to estimate a home value, such as the number rooms, bedrooms and baths, types of amenities, age of home, property taxes, etc.Browse this site listing about 123 Closed House.

In a way, a CMA is like a resume for your agent. The more in depth the info, the better it’s presented, the more likely the agent that made it for you is going to be on top of matters when it comes to selling your home. Your CMA and home value is a starting point in the sale of your home. It does not offer details that are more a matter of opinion like the kind of details that will affect a perception of a home, like interior and exterior decor, the window view, the room flow, etc. Much of your home value is based on the emotional impact your home has on interested buyers. Your home value may be a million dollars, but if it doesn’t interest or inspire a buyer, then your home certainly won’t sell for that price.

Although a CMA can’t effectively promote the emotion or perception a home may give, it does present the facts as to where your home value stands compared to others on the market. The typical CMA will always include the real estate agent’s contact information (likely several times throughout the report, if not on a header or footer of every page). An introductory letter will introduce the agent, thank the homeowner for the opportunity to worth with them and give a basic explanation as to what will be included in the CMA, explain how the information is necessary to estimate a home value and indicate an appropriate price range for the homeowner’s property in today’s market.

The next few pages of the comparative market analysis will show listings of several properties that have similar features as the one that is the subject of the CMA. It may show current homes for sale, properties with expired listings and properties already sold along with their home value. The details on the properties should include the address of the property, the basic information of features (number bedrooms, baths, square footage, etc). It will also include the average home value per square foot and a list of interior features.

These listings are followed by maps, charts and graphs explaining and comparing the information, including average home value and price per square foot and then ending with a summary analysis of the data presented. The rest of the CMA will usually include a leaflet as to why a homeowner would need a real estate agent to sell their home, the agent’s opinion on the home value of the property and a reasonable price range for putting the home on the market. They may also include details of how exactly they would market the home once it is listed.

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